“Flourish: Marjolein Dallinga & Jantje Visscher” opens at South Dakota Art Museum

Flourish !

By Carolyne Hart February 26, 2019

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Flourish: Marjolein Dallinga & Jantje Visscher, a Jodi Lundgren curated exhibition, opens today at South Dakota Art Museum and runs through Aug. 4, 2019. As the museum’s Curator of Exhibits, Lundgren is adept at identifying and connecting artists and works with contrasting styles and mediums tied together through common themes and sources of inspiration.

In Flourish, visitors experience Marjolein Dallinga’s intriguing felted sculptural works displayed alongside Jantje Visscher’s dazzling drawings in light. Together, the vibrancy of light and shadow, color and material, and organic patterns take center stage. United through the drama and beauty of organic unfolding, these works provide a magical view of natural forms.

Marjolein Dallinga’s felted forms emphasize color and the physicality of material while Visscher’s light drawings emphasize the immateriality of light and shadow. Despite a major divergence between the practices of these two artists in terms of their materials and processes, both artists embrace organic dynamics in the creation of powerful works with visceral appeal. Their abstraction of natural elements heightens the viewer’s experience of universal organic aesthetics. Alluring and mysterious forms pull viewers up close to discover the richness of glimmering or saturated details. Layers upon layers build into vast networks of beautifully interconnected patterns. The expansion and scaling of simple root elements into these substantial and mesmerizing forms replicate a natural process that imbues these works with the pulsing vigor of life, growth, and infinite possibility.

Lundgren brought the artworks of these two artists together for the first time through a process of discovery and connection that is typical of her curated exhibitions. She first became aware of Dallinga’s practice after South Dakota Art Museum Director, Lynn Verschoor, also a fiber artist in her own right, participated in a Minnesota Felting Guild workshop led by Dallinga at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. Lundgren said that Verschoor was so enthusiastic about Dallinga’s work that she began putting the pieces in place to bring her felted sculptures and wearable costume art to South Dakota Art Museum. “Lynn was entranced with Dallinga’s work and I knew that others would be too. I could see they would be intriguing to people with and without a deep appreciation for felting and fiber arts,” Lundgren noted.

Marjolein-south-dakota-art-museum0000000000In parallel, Lundgren was beginning the curation process for Ripple Effects: Artworks from the Permanent Collection (November 15, 2018 – May 5, 2019). A 1987 Visscher painting in the museum’s collection caught Lundgren’s attention and led her to learn about Visscher’s more recent exhibitions of light sculptures. “Her use of light as a drawing material is fascinating. Installing her works is challenging but well worth the effort when I see how visitors react and interact with them,” Lundgren said.

Marjolein Dallinga

Marjolein Dallinga’s sculptures are built through the process of wet felting, whereby layers of wool fibers are worked by hand into solid pieces. Wet felting is an ancient technique that is incredibly direct and requires very little mechanical intervention. This allows for a painterly expressiveness and creative freedom that appeals to Dallinga, who has utilized it to amazing effects.

Dallinga studied graphic arts and painting at Minerva Academy, a fine arts institute in Groningen Holland, where she was born. After spending subsequent years mostly painting and drawing while raising a family in Canada, Marjolein Dallinga discovered felting and found a perfect fit between her artistic practice and personal lifestyle. As she fell in love with the discipline, the creation of simple accessories like handbags, mittens, and hats, gave way to teaching the techniques of felting through her Atelier Bloomfelt, and orders for custom-made pieces.

Marjolein Dallinga’s expansion into theatrical costumes and costume parts led to collaborations with Cirque du Soleil, which she feels is the most exciting outcome of her development because of its experimental nature. Marjolein Dallinga has become a noted fiber artist within the international sphere, submitting prize-winning works to the annual World of Wearable Art show (WOW) in New Zealand since 2011.


Jantje Visscher

Jantje Visscher uses light energy as a drawing material, creating wall installations out of focused light projected onto and through manipulated strips of transparent plastics. Most of Visscher’s works in various media involve an exploration of motion, pattern, and perception through the lens of science and geometry. Her light drawings focus on the physics of light and the optical effects of caustics, the scientific term for this envelope of reflections and refractions that is created when light hits curved or bent transparent materials. The ethereal, non-specific, rhythmic forms she creates inspire wonder and transcend the simplicity and mechanical nature of the materials she is working with.

Marjolein-south-dakota-art-museum000000Visscher earned an MFA from the University of California at Berkeley. She has received a Bush Fellowship and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest, and the Minnesota State Arts Board. Her work is represented in the collections of the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Weisman Art Museum, and the Minnesota Museum of American Art. She has been a longtime part of the Twin Cities arts community—working as a painter, printmaker, photographer, sculptor, teacher and mentor. She is a founding member of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota and of the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art.

About South Dakota Art Museum

South Dakota Art Museum is located at 1036 Medary Avenue in Brookings and is open daily except for upcoming holiday and winter closures: May 27 (Memorial Day), July 4 (Independence Day) and Sundays through March. Admission to the museum is free. Parking is also free in the museum’s reserved lot just west of the museum on Harvey Dunn Street.

For more information, call (605) 688-5423,
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Bloomfelt in Russia, St Petersburg

Bloomfelt in USSR in october !

The prestigious international exhibition tour WOW – World of Wearable Art move to St-Petersburg in Russia !


Erarta Museum, St Petersburg, on Saturday 6th October 2018  until Sunday 3rd February 2019, not a revolution !

Bloomfelt, Logo WOW where Marjolein has presented several works move to Russia in october !
Bloomfelt, Logo WOW where Marjolein has presented several works move to Russia in october !

We are delighted to advise you that the latest WOW – World of Wearable Art exhibition will open to the public in St Petersburg, Russia at the Erarta Museum on Saturday 6th October 2018 where it will be showcased until Sunday 3rd February 2019. The Erarta Museum is the largest private museum in Russia, whose collection, containing 2800 works by more than 300 artists from various regions of the country, is on permanent exhibit, and temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, photography, fashion, design, architecture, and video art, of which there are over 50 staged every year. For seven years of its existence.
the Erarta Museum has been included in ―Top ten museums of Russia according to Trip Advisor tourist portal. National Geographic magazine has named the museum among the Petersburg’s top five places worth visiting.

It has also become the first museum of contemporary art to be presented at the Google Art Project.

The previous exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts which ended in June 2017 was another huge success with total visitation of 77,000 visitors. We were advised that it was one of the top ten highest-rated exhibitions they have ever hosted.


Bloomfelt – exposition in Montreal

There will be an exhibition of Marjolein Dallinga’s artistic works from September 21 to October 28, 2018 at Salon Laurette
1850 Center Street in Montreal H3K 1J2

opening on September 21st at 5 pm

Felt Marjolein Dallinga

and watercolors Anne-Laure Bixquert

You are welcome


Twist Fiber Festival in Quebec, Canada

Bloomfelt will be represented by Marjolein Dallinga at the Twist Fiber Festival in Saint-André Avelin from August 15th to 19th, 2018

TWIST is the largest textile fiber festival in Canada. It brings together the most important players in the industry. The 7th edition will be held from August 15 to 19, 2018 in Saint-André-Avellin.

TWIST is an annual rendezvous, a foray into the world of textile fiber, for the general public, amateurs, fiber producers, fiber breeders, processors, artists, artisans , the professionals and the curious.

TWIST is 5 days (5 days of workshops, 3 days of festivities open to the general public), about 50 workshops, more than 140 exhibitors, a gourmet fair, free activities for children, textile demonstrations and Moreover.


Complete workshop. No more places available

TWIST, Fiber Festival, the workshop given by Marjolein posted complete and was a success!
TWIST, Fiber Festival, the workshop given by Marjolein posted complete and was a success!


Phantasmagorical felt

Surprise :

A beautiful web video made by Tele-Quebec, the public TV in Quebec

filmed at the site of Studio 42-Bloomfelt showing the art of Marjolein Dallinga

Bloomfelt : To view, click on image !

Phantasmagorical felt of Marjolein Dallinga

Here is reproduced in its integrality, the chronicle announced a few days ago on the visit of the show La Fabrique culturelle .tv” by Tele-Quebec on the premises of Studio 42, the magical place where Marjolein Dallinga draws inspiration from the rejuvenating nature of the Laurentian region in Quebec.

Nature that she appreciates above all else, it is also the place where she will henceforth give workshops devoted to her Art in a paradisiac framework favoring the creation and the expression of the natural talents just waiting to emerge in a place as beautiful!

And now, let’s see the report! :

Bloomfelt, Phantasmagorical felt of Marjolein Dallinga La Fabrique culturelle .tv" by Tele-Quebec to see the article and the video on the original site, click on the picture!
Bloomfelt, Phantasmagorical felt of Marjolein Dallinga La Fabrique culturelle .tv” by Tele-Quebec to see the article and the video on the original site, click on the picture!

Phantasmagorical felt of Marjolein Dallinga

Having had the chance to experiment and refine her technique with Cirque du Soleil and rub shoulders with the great François Barbeau, Marjolein Dallinga brings the ancient technique of felting away from busy trails. His pieces are large, long, colorful, organic, spectacular. Sometimes they go, or else blend in nature. Walk and meet at the Bloomfelt workshops in Gore, in the Laurentians.

Marjolein’s practice is so singular that many organizations all over the world are asking this woman every year to come and teach felting at home. She also devotes several months a year to teaching, a journey that often allows her to revisit her native country, the Netherlands.


Director, camera and editing: Yves Whissell

Coordination: Nadine Deschamps and François DesRochers

Model: Michelle Bastien


Yesterday, Télé-Québec came to film in and around studio Bloomfelt.

In a couple of weeks this short movie will be online.

Here some images I took myself;

sleeping beauty
red beast




Bloomfelt is in textile art book “Dimensional Cloth” – International

Beautiful new textile art book is out!

They have given me some wonderful pages, Here is the information :

Bloomfelt in : Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists (Anglais) Relié – 17 juin 2018 de Andra F. Stanton (Auteur), Josephine Stealey (Préface)
Bloomfelt in : Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists (Anglais) Relié – 17 juin 2018 de Andra F. Stanton (Auteur), Josephine Stealey (Préface)

Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists
Andra F. Stanton , Foreword by Josephine Stealey
Available June 2018

Sculpture is no longer limited to materials like stone or metal. Sculpting in fabric is shown in ingenious detail here, with more than 350 lavish photographs of 3-D cloth configurations along with insightful profiles of the 78 artists who created them. The images and text capture the currents that are powering these works, like the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement established in the 1990s and the current revival of the revolutionary sculptural cloth of the 1960s. Works are approached through five themes: investigating nature, capturing the ephemeral, playing with space, telling a story, and “Take Heed.” In her foreword, renowned fiber art expert Josephine Stealey helps us put this art form in context, from its origins in 1880 England’s arts and craft movement to today. This is essential reading and inspiration for collectors, students, home artists, and anyone who appreciates innovative artwork.
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 358 color images | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764355363 | Binding: hard cover