Free fall


The way you can go

isn’t the real way.

The name you can say

isn’t the real name.

Heaven and earth

begin in the unnamed:

name’s the mother

of the ten thousand things.

So the unwanting soul

sees what’s hidden,

and the ever-wanting soul

sees only what it wants.

Two things, one origin,

but different in name,

whose identity is mystery.

Mystery of all mysteries!

The door to the hidden.

Ursula K. Le Guin

New studio Bloomfelt!

We started the construction of a new Studio to serve you better for future workshops:

sculptural felting and wearable art.

we will keep you informed about the progress.


The important thing is not to think much, but to love much; and so do that which best stirs you to love.


Route des Arts , 42 Rodgers , Gore

Atelier Bloomfelt is joining the Route des Arts in Argenteuil , Quebec

The butterflies like my felts.

Come and visite 15-23 july, 2017


is it true?, is it kind?is it necessary?

Whatever our souls are made of yours and mine are the same.


memories of Chile

The world is a place where the extraordinary can sit just beside the ordinary with the thinnest of boundaries.


voice of the soul

“Our soul’s voice reveals our deepest wisdom and our deepest wounds, which is why unleashing our soul’s voice is often our deepest desire and our deepest fear. We ache to be self-expressed, to be authentic, to totally let ‘er rip and yet we are terrified of being that vulnerable, that raw, that real. So we edit, shape or even shut up our unique soul’s voice in order to be accepted, successful, and even loved. But deep down in our bellies, where our power burns the brightest, we know we cannot be of service, we cannot be free, we cannot truly come alive if we aren’t sharing the truth of who we are.” – Sera Beak