Bloomfelt is represented in France at the
« Atelier Musée du feutre et de la chapellerie » in Chazelles-sur-Lyon

From Mongolia to Europe, from handcrafted pieces to designer textile creations, the Chazelles-sur-Lyon Hat Workshop-Museum invites you to discover the felt. Through antique pieces and contemporary creations, the exhibition “Voyages au pays du feutre” highlights the work of felt craftsmen, stylists and artists. To discover from May 13, 2017.

Beginning almost 7000 years ago, felting techniques have been handed down to the present day and are now revisited by designers. At the Workshop-Museum of the hat, 23 felts present their creations, a hundred pieces: draperies, installations, everyday objects (shades, chairs, …), animals (fish, dog, mouse, …), clothes (dresses, neckties, …) and sculptures …

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