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Windy afternoon,27 Mai 2015

From Mark Nepo:


Questions found on an antique cell phone 
discovered in 2086 in the ruins of an airport 
when people traveled by plane: What if I let 
love in all the way? Why am I always leaving? 
What is it that stirs me about being caught? 
Though I never wanted safe, why have I settled 
for safe? Why do I keep running, when I have 
no interest in moving? How do I say yes more 
often? How do I stop reliving the past? How can 
I learn to use my freedom? Having lived most of 
my life in fear of what’s coming, how can I find 
meaning where I am? How can I stop playing 
small? How can I put down the upset of not 
getting what I want? How can I better see the 
unseen? How can I die to old ways of being? 
How can I let what wants to be born in me 
have its way? Now that I’ve been helped, 
how can I find the strength to help others? 
Just what is my work? And what will it 
take to taste the honey? 



  1. I can feel the tension in this … about the desire – to be beyond desire.
    All good questions most of which I have asked so many times, and many to which I feel I have the answer. It has come through a difficult process, helped by living completely alone for long periods of time. I find it is the distraction that arises from the world which interupts our contemplation of the deeper things that makes it so hard to realise the answers – and of course the Ego doesn't want you to find the answers, so it will grab hold of any excuse to keep you where you are.

  2. Good morning Marjolein,

    What a perfect way to start my day with such profound words…And, as Mara mentions, questions we all ask of ourselves along our life's journey…different questions at different times in life. Nice to know that we all ask those questions of ourselves. Once again, reminded that we are all more alike than we may think.

    I think the world of Mark Nepo, who lives just a hop, skip and a jump from where I live. He is such a deep, thoughtful, kind and caring person (hmmmm…those words could well describe you, too, Marjolein)…and I think that comes through in all of his writing. He has had an amazing journey…though some of his experiences would have stopped many in their tracks….but somehow it has caused Mark to live more fully and intentionally. I'm happy that he shares those experiences through in such a poignant way.

    Wishing you a wonderful journey today.


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