I offer workshops on the ancient Art of Felting.

Courses for small groups (2-6) are hosted in my studio.

Courses for bigger groups (8-12) are also possible in other venues.

I also offer conferences on the Art of Felting , consisting of a two hour talk with a comprehensive slide show about felting history,the work of other artists, ideas and my own experiences.

To be a teacher is my greatest work of art

– Joseph Beuys 1969


  • Experiments with wet felting, different fibres, colour effects and layering techniques
  • 3 dimensional objects
  • Sculpting techniques with wool
  • Creating texture and relief with wool
  • NUNO felting for accessories and clothing

Dyeing with animal fibres

  • Basic dyeing with primary,secondary and tertiary colours
  • Dyeing techniques for special effects


  • Folding, clamping, wrapping and knotting techniques for felting and dyeing

*Possibility to adapt felting and dyeing courses to your personal needs

Teacher: Marjolein Dallinga
Language: English, French, Dutch!
Location: Studio 42, Rogers road 42,Gore (Québec)
65 km north of Montréal
Duration: 9 am – 5 pm
-Group of 3-4 persons: 150$ each
-Group of 2: 200$ each

Lunch and documentation included. Material cost extra depending on your projects. Possibility to buy different wool material.
Possibility for lodging during 2/3 days workshops

Info: marjolein@nullbloomfelt.com
or call 450.227.3463 (EST)
Cell : 514.916.3463